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Lake Naivasha

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Lake Naivasha is a broad but shallow freshwater lake north west of Nairobi, the Rift Valley’s highest lake at 1890m above sea level.

With over 450 different species of bird it is a world class birding destination. The lake also hosts a large population of hippos and is visited by giraffes, elands, impalas, zebras as well as the playful Colobus monkeys.

Safari tours of Lake Naivasha are often combined with visiting Hell’s Gate National Park.

Why you’ll love Lake Naivasha

  • Bird watching paradise
  • Family friendly location
  • Unique geologic features due to the area’s volcanic past
  • World famous ecosystem for both terrestrial and avian species
  • Game viewing included hippos, zebras, buffalos, waterbucks and impalas
  • Popular nature walks around the lake
  • Visit Crescent Island and wander alongside zebras, giraffes, and wildebeest

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