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Kenyan Coast

2 tour packages to explore

Kenya is endowed with about 500km Shoreline with the Indian ocean and prides herself with pristine white sandy beaches adorned with intermittent coconut palm trees and a variety of hospitality facilities sitting right on the beach fronts to allow for tourists easy access to the beaches to swim and mingle with the locals as they sell you water sport activities like boat rides to the marine parks, kite surfing, jet skiing among other activities.

Why you’ll love this location

The vast white sandy beaches give you an allure of great relaxation while the coastal countryside will show you to a laidback people, who are very welcoming and generous. There are many historical sites to visit with rich cultural and environmental impact on the lives of the inhabitants of the coastal region such as Fort Jesus, Haller Park, Gedi Ruins, Lamu Archipelago, Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve and Malind Marine Park among others.

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