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Hell’s Gate National Park

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Hell’s Gate National Park located 90km from Nairobi and is popular throughout the entire year. Known for it’s unique landscape towering cliffs Hell’s Gate National Park attracts adventurers seeking rock climbing, abseiling, hiking and cycling.

The park is home to a wide range of animals such as the Masai giraffe, herds of buffalo, eland antelopes as well as Thomson’s Gazelle, baboons and and Chandler’s mountain reedbuck.

Safari tours of Hell’s Gate National Park are often combined with visiting Lake Naivasha.

Why you’ll love this national park

  • Famous for it’s volcanic scenery and towering cliffs
  • Wildlife includes: giraffes, zebras, eland antelopes, buffalos, gazelles and baboons
  • Over 100 bird species including Verreaux’s eagles, vultures and buzzards
  • Natural health spa
  • The Olkaria Geothermal Station the first of its kind in Africa
  • Fisher’s Tower (75 feet tall)
  • Mervyn Carnelly Raptor Hide observation deck
  • Hike along the Nature Trail

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